Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bad Ass Burger at Bad Daddy's Burger Bar- Charlotte, NC

Formerly Big Daddy's, renamed Bad Daddy's Burger Bar has three Charlotte and one Raleigh, NC location. The roadhouse inspired burger bar is known for award winning over the top burger creations that keeps people lined up out the door.

Bad Daddy's has a wide selection on the appetizers including deep fried pickles with ranch dipping sauce ($7.25) and Irish nachos- french fries topped with Guinness beer cheese sauce, fried egg, scallions & bacon for $7.95.

At Bad Daddy's you can buy specialty burgers off the menu including the "Sam I am burger" topped with cheese, an over easy egg, rosemary ham and pesto mayo ($10.55). There are also specialty and build your own burgers made from buffalo, turkey, black bean and even ahi tuna.

Today I decided to go a bit messy and throw my diet right out the window. I went for the Bad Ass Burger- $13.00 (includes a side of fries, slaw, or homemade potato chips) *tip- try the chips with the pimento cheese dipping sauce- it's pretty wicked good stuff.

The burger includes two 5 ounce patties that contain a mixture of ground beef (a freshly ground custom beef blend made from hanger steak, chuck and brisket) and ground bacon. Yes I said ground bacon! The burger is then topped with English cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and more bacon- this time in the form of buttermilk battered deep fried bacon. It's then topped off with some horseradish mayo.

The Bad Ass Burger

Burgers are made to order- in this case I ordered medium and it came out exactly that way. The beef and bacon patty was juicy, crumbly, and not too packed. You could taste the bacon, but it wasn't too overpowering or too salty. The bun was super fresh- very similar to a potato bun and really held together even with the amount of juice this burger was dripping. The horseradish mayo gave the burger additional complexity and tied it together. But it was the the buttermilk battered deep-fried bacon that put this burger over the top and created a burger masterpiece ranked up there with some of the best burgers I've tasted.

I really hope that the great product that Bad Daddy's produces allows it to expand beyond the Carolinas 'cause it's something that y'all gotta try some time soon.

Aburgeraday rating- 8/10

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