Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Hangover at Bang Bang Burgers- Charlotte, NC

There's a pretty simple formula to building a good burger- start with freshly ground beef, quality cheese, fresh toppings, a decent bun and cook it so it stays moist and juicy. However, building an amazing burger is a bit more of a challenge and it seems like new kid on the block Bang Bang Burgers has this figured out.

Bang Bang Burgers- Charlotte, NC
Bang Bang uses ground beef supplied by famous NYC meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda. LaFrieda is known for supplying beef to some of New York's finest restaurants. They are also known for offering custom ground beef blends to numerous burger joints including the famous Shake Shack burger franchise. For those of you that aren't familiar with the Shake Shack you can read my review here.

It's not easy to be the new game in town. Competition in the Charlotte burger scene is fierce with the likes of Burger21, Bad Daddy's, The Cowfish and BT's Burgerjoint all vying for a share of the higher end burger crowd. Differentiation, providing a good product and a great experience is what leads to a loyal customer base, and the spread of word of mouth, which is something that Bang Bang is delivering on.

Bang Bang has an ample selection of burgers that will suit most pallets on any given day, they even offer a number of vegetarian burger options for those looking for some lighter options or due to dietary choices.

The Hangover at Bang Bang Burgers
I tried the Hangover ($9), a single burger topped with cheddar cheese, potato bacon hash, caramelized onions, an over easy egg and "bangburger" sauce (a hybrid ketchup/thousand island type sauce) all served on a brioche bun.

The burger was cooked to medium and had that funky rich beef taste that you'd expect from well aged beef ground from short rib and chuck. The patty was seared with a slight crust on the outside and moist and semi-crumbly inside. Ample salt and pepper seasoning brought out additional flavor. The over easy egg was runny and blended into the burger with each bite. The bun- a toasted brioche roll, was as soft as a pillow and, with the caramelized onions, added a slightly sweet element. The potato bacon hash added a crunchy element to the burger. Although the bacon wasn't easily discernible, the potato flavor was...kinda like putting fries on a burger, but doing it more elegantly. Everything just worked. The Hangover is a damn good burger.

Judging from their fresh ingredients, the signature Pat Lafrieda burger blend, the unique flavor combinations and a general attention to detail, the other burgers at Bang Bang are equally likely to impress.

At Bang Bang Burgers your prayers for a great burger have been answered.

I'll be going back again.

Aburgeraday rating- 7.5/10

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