Friday, May 24, 2013

The Cheddar Style Burger at Cook-Out, Charlotte, NC

Cook-out is a chain of fast food restaurants in the South with more than 100 locations in North and South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. Cook-out features items that you'd typically find at an outdoor cook-out- burgers, dogs, chicken, BBQ and more. Most locations feature a double drive-thru with outdoor seating and many locations feature dine-in seating as well.

If you are craving a burger you must first choose the size- either their 2oz. small ($1.19), 4 oz. regular ($2.39), 6oz. Large ($2.59) or 8oz. Huge ($2.79), then choose one of 4 distinctly different styles of toppings:
"Cook-out style" ($.65) with homemade chili and slaw, mustard and onions.
"Out West style" ($.65) with BBQ sauce, bacon, mayo, pickles and onions.
"Steak style" ($.65) with A1 sauce, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and mayo.
"Cheddar style" ($.89) with cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onions and mayo.

The Cheddar Style Burger at Cook-Out
On this day I went for the small cheddar style burger. The beef patty came well done with nice BBQ flavor imparted by the char-grilling. The gooey processed cheddar cheese and sweet sauteed onions slathered and covered the smoky bacon. Although there was a bit too much cheese (I can't believe I would ever say too much cheese)- the burger was pretty decent and reminiscent of the Wendy's cheddar portobello melt, but at a fraction of the price. The entire bill- including the burger and a soda came in at a bargain price of $3.22 all taxes in!

Cook-out offers a decent burger at a great value and a menu that is sure to deliver whatever you might be hungering for. I'll be going back.

Aburgeraday rating: 6/10

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