Friday, May 24, 2013

The Kobe Beef Burger at Burger Bar, San Francisco, CA

The Burger Bar is the brain child of famous chef Hubert Keller- executive chef and owner of San Francisco's critically acclaimed Fleur-de-Lys restaurant. With locations in Las Vegas, NV and San Francisco and planned expansion into Beijing and Mexico City, the Burger Bar appeals to upscale diners looking for an unpretentious casual burger with the flair of a 5-star chef.

The elevator in Macy's whisks you up to the 6th floor Burger Bar
The San Francisco location is across from Union Square in the Macy's flagship store where you take an elevator to the 6th floor to get to the restaurant. Once you get there, you are presented with a spectacular view of San Francisco's Union Square- so make sure to ask for a window seat!

Get there early to get premium seating overlooking San Francisco's Union Square
Menu items include various burgers including the basics all the way to the over-the-top Rossini Burger- A kobe beef burger stuffed with braised short ribs topped with a lobster tail, shaved black truffles, truffle sauce served on an onion bun ($60).

I tried the Kobe beef burger ($16.50)- medium rare, topped with American, caramelized onions and house made aioli all served on a ciabatta roll. The burger was cooked perfectly and came out with juices running. The patty was loosely packed and was held together by the American cheese. The Kobe beef delivered a whollop of beef flavor and could be one of the most flavorful burgers I've had. The beef flavor was strong- almost gamey- something that you don't get from straight chuck and makes the meat get noticed in your burger. It also had good fat content but wasn't too greasy. Caramelized onions delivered added sweetness and the garlic aioli rounded things out.

The Kobe beef burger at the Burger Bar
The Burger Bar won't disappoint when it comes to burgers- they know how to make a great burger and they do it well. The Kobe beef burger is one of those burgers you'll love and always remember 'cause it's just downright good and it tastes different enough to be memorable.

Aburgeraday rating: 8/10

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