Friday, June 1, 2012

The Royale at The Oinkster, Los Angeles, CA

mmm.pastrami, the king of smoked meat sandwich goodness. Featured by the Food Network's Guy Fieri, this joint in the Eagle Rock area of L.A features it's own in house smoked pastrami, slow cooked pork, chicken and of course- burgers. The Oinkster claims to be "Los Angeles’ antidote to both, expensive gourmet meals and their cheap fast food counterparts" with most items on the menu under $10. They even offer Belgian style fries and home made mayo for dippin'.

The Oinkster
Today, I took on the Royale- a 1/3 lb. Nebraska Angus patty cheeseburger with bacon, chili & pastrami as well as dill pickles, onions, tomato, lettuce and 1000 Island dressing. I think the total weight on this sucker was nearly 3/4 of a pound and thanks to skipping breakfast, I was up for the task.

The Royale at The Oinkster
Upon the first bite you really tasted the smokiness of the pastrami and although there was a third of a pound of Nebraska hamburger in there, it was somewhat hidden by the sheer amount of pastrami, chili and bacon. The lettuce added a crisp bite and the bun held the whole mess together pretty well. I didn't really think the thousand islands dressing added anything- except perhaps, for more calories.

All in all, the Royale is pretty decent if you are looking for quantity, quality and something non-traditional when it comes to burgers. I'd love to try some other items on the menu, but will have to save that for next time.

Aburgeraday rating: 6/10

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