Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Double Cheeseburger at Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers, Los Angeles, CA

Imagine spending the whole day at a crowded theme park crawling with thousands of people on Memorial Day weekend, getting in your car at the end of the day to head to a relaxing dinner spot and typing in the wrong address in the GPS only to find yourself lost in downtown L.A- irritable, hungry and willing to try just about anything. That's how I found or should I say, stumbled upon Original Tommy's Burgers.

I knew nothing about this place before I saw it out of the corner of my eye, but as I was passing by, I knew from the nostalgic look of the building that this place had been around for a long time- and I just had to give it a try. Opened in 1946 on the northeast corner of Beverly and Rampart Avenue near downtown L.A, Tommy's Original World Famous Hamburger's now has 34 locations mostly across Southern California and 2 locations in Nevada.

Tommy's is known for putting chili on almost everything on the menu- Chili-burgers, chili-fries, chili dogs...and so on. Today I went for the Double Cheeseburger- a killer bargain at $3.30.  All Tommy's burgers come standard with tomatoes, mustard, pickles, onion, a double thick slice of cheese and chili- and lots of it. The chili is good- real good- nice and thick, meaty, and, makes the burger extremely filling. The beef patty is almost secondary- it's in there, but not the highlight.

In any case, the burgers are good and hit the spot- add Tommy's history, it's devoted following of burger fans, and the fact that it's open 24 hours and this makes Tommy's a must on every one's burger bucket list and a place that you must try before you die.

Aburgeraday rating- 8/10

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