Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wendy's Dave's Hot 'n' Juicy 1/2lb Double, Anytown, USA

In an effort to regain slumping market share, fast food giant Wendy's decided to remake their 42 year old hamburger in late 2011. There's a great article in USA Today on the process that Wendy's went through where everything changed...except for the ketchup.

Of all the National fast food joints- McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's, I'd always prefer a Wendy's burger over the other 2- even after my dad always called Wendy's burgers "bone burgers" due to always finding a shard of bone or ligament in almost every burger he ever ate there over the years- that aside, I still like the place.
Wendy's Dave's Hot N' Juicy Double
Today's Dave's hot n' juicy double was- well...wasn't so juicy. The meat was somewhat dry and crumbly and had average flavor, lacked good fat content, moisture and tasted like the patty had been cooked twenty minutes ago. The bun was chewy and toasted just right, but the iceberg lettuce- even though crisp, was white and tasteless. When Wendy's launched their new burgers, they removed mustard and went for mayo instead, which I think I prefer and complements the burger better. The purple onion and fresh tomato is a nice touch to round out the burger. The cheese was processed american and was hardly melted at all, probably because the patty had been cooked a while ago. Even though this isn't the shake shack- it's still an OK burger.

Aburgeraday rating- 5/10