Sunday, September 2, 2012

Colossal burger at California Burgers, Citrus Heights, Ca

Sometimes you go to a reputable or even highly rated restaurant and instead of getting the product that many others have raved about, you get a product that is more a result of the cook having a bad day, not paying attention, being distracted while having to fill the ice machine- whatever. Call it what you will but consistency, or the ability to deliver a quality product, day-in, and day out is a challenge all restaurants struggle with. I'm not sure what the exact reason was today- the restaurant was mostly empty, it was 5'o'clock on Sunday evening and it wasn't like there was a lineup and the cook was getting slammed...but the burger just wasn't as good as it could have been. A shame, because on a good day, this burger could have been spectacular. In fact, I think that this place churns out a fantastic burger more often than not...they have all of the elements for an awesome burger.

California Burgers
Located in Citrus Heights a suburb near Sacramento, CA,  California Burgers has a pretty substantial menu featuring everything from burgers and fries to mexican food- but today I was there for the colossal burger- a double patty burger topped with smoky pastrami.

The burger patties came out a bit overdone and dry, but you could taste the smokiness that came from cooking over charcoal. The pastrami was a little dry as well. The lettuce, tomato and special sauce added the needed lubrication to tie the whole burger together. What was noticeably absent was cheese...I'm not sure whether it's normally included, but a missing element that I would have preferred.

The Colossal Burger at California Burgers
Overall the colossal burger was good, something I'd come back to try again and hope that on my next visit that the beef will be perfectly cooked and juicy and the pastrami tender and moist. Until then, I'll be dreaming about how good this burger could have been.

Aburgeraday rating: 6/10

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