Saturday, August 25, 2012

Super Burger with Cheese at Super Duper- San Francisco, CA

With a couple of locations popping up in and around the bay area, burger purveyor Super Duper is making quite a reputation for itself- and it's a mighty good one as it was recently listed on SF grubs top 50 burgers in San Fran list.

Super Duper
Burgers are made with 100% all natural Niman ranch beef, ground fresh daily and flat top cooked to create a great sear that locks in juiciness.

I tried the Super Burger with 2- 4 oz patties and cheese ($7). The bun came nicely toasted and had enough weight to hold the whole burger together without turning into a mushy mess. Toppings included onion, tomato, lettuce, cheese and special sauce. Each bite revealed ample juiciness- not the run down the arms type, but juicy none-the-less. The 2 cheese slices and sauce added to the burgers richness but didn't weigh it down. It was a burger you could easily get your mouth around and didn't fall apart due to excessive toppings bulging in all directions - everything just seemed to be in the right proportions. It was simply fantastic!

Super Burger at Super Duper
I really found Super Duper to be very Shake Shack-esqe and it rivals some of the best burgers I've ever had, and for that, I put Super Duper on my bucket list as my top fast food style burger in the city thus far.

Aburgeraday rating- 9/10

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