Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Double Decker at Foster's Freeze, Milpitas, CA

On a Saturday afternoon my wife's cravings for some ice cream, and my hunger for a burger brought us to Foster's Freeze in Milpitas, CA. Foster's freeze has been serving up ice cream and burgers since 1946 and has multiple locations across California. Famous for their soft serve, they have a decent array of carnivorous choices on the menu including hot dogs and hamburgers.

Foster's Freeze
Visitor's and families with small children beware- the parking lot and area around the building is infested with  somewhat aggressive squirrels that have no problem chasing you if you have food. Although none enter the building, the limited seating inside forces people to the parking lot and leading to a non-stop frenzy for squirrels and a serious problem for children afraid of of them. The owners really need to do something about it.

Anyways, I was here for the burger, not the ambiance...the Double Decker burger comes with 2- 1/4lb griddle top cooked beef patties, bacon, Swiss cheese, Lettuce, tomato and pickle along with their "All american sauce" which is similar to McDonald's Mac sauce. Even though the burger patties weren't all that appealing, the bun not so fresh and the bacon crisped beyond recognition, the sauce saved the day.

The Double Decker Burger at Foster's Freeze
I won't be going out of my way to find a Foster's freeze when I'm in the mood for a burger, and if I find myself there again, I'll probably go for another one. The burger is OK, but not great.

Aburgeraday Rating- 6/10

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