Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Giant with bacon and Cheese at Nation's Giant Hamburgers- Fremont, CA

I should have heeded to the warning that the yellow conditional health inspection pass communicated to would-be patrons. It was hanging from the entrance window like a yellow beacon shouting "look at me" to every passer by. I really should have turned away- but I didn't, I was too hungry and too bothered to find somewhere else. I wanted a burger, I had that craving, and I'd been to Nation's before and it was actually pretty good- but not on this day.

Visitor's to Nation's (at least at the Fremont location) shouldn't expect a modern building with fancy decor, but rather something more akin to a old school diner or greasy spoon. The building is old, in an unassuming and partially run-down strip mall which would normally be perfect for an old school burger joint.

Nation's Giant Hamburgers
The burgers are done on a flat top in an open kitchen that the entire restaurant can see- and as I watched the cook making my order I knew that my bacon cheeseburger didn't have a chance right from the start. I watched her cook, mash, poke, flatten, flip and squeeze every last ounce of juice out of the burger during the cooking process.

Giant with cheese at Nation's Giant Hamburgers
My Giant burger with bacon and cheese came topped with ample ingredients- letttuce, tomato, and wayyyy too much onion. I think I could have knocked down anyone with my breath for hours after eating this baby. The meat was crumbly- mostly due to dryness, and the bacon was thin and too crispy- I prefer my bacon thicker. The sauce tasted a bit weird to me and overall this just wasn't a very good burger. This place could do so much better!...but maybe next time...but for me I doubt that there will be a next time.

Aburgeraday rating- 4/10

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