Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cheeseburger at Giant Burgers, Union City, CA

Questionable location in a shady strip mall- check
Aging sign that reads 1/3Lb. Giant Burger at entrance- check
Dining area mysteriously empty during a weekday lunch hour- check
Unappetizing fresh meat stacked in kitchen prep area- check
A Cheeseburger from Giant burger...NOT priceless

Giant Burgers
I don't have much to say that's positive about Giant burger, so let's just get to the point. I ordered the Giant Cheeseburger ($3.80). It came with a single patty cooked to well done, that was dry, dense and flavorless. Topped with melted cheese, very powerful onion (may have been cooking onion, but definitely not sweet onion), lettuce, tomato and mayo. The bun was pulled from an open bag within reach of the cash register. Toasting it on the flat-top saved it, but it couldn't save the burger- I left a third of it on the plate and headed out. Not worth the trip, nor worth the effort to do a comprehensive review.

The Giant Cheeseburger at Giant Burgers
Aburgeraday rating: 4/10

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