Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Pastrami Burger at Sammy's L.A Pastrami- Las Vegas, NV

Featured on the Travel Channel's show "Food Paradise" Sammy's L.A Pastrami's 2 Las Vegas locations serves up a wide selection of drive-thru inspired sandwiches, burgers, dogs, gyros, wings, rings and fries.

Sammy's is known for some crazy burger and sandwich combinations like the Zombie burger - with Triple 1/4lb. patties topped with a hotlink, sautéed onions, peppers, mustard, bacon and 2 onion rings for $11.49.

I tried the Pastrami burger ($8.29), a single 1/4lb patty burger topped with 1/2lb of pastrami, mustard, pickles, provolone. The beef patty was was flat-top grilled and came out well done and absent of any real flavor. The pastrami, on the other hand, was great and had some nice crust from being on the flat-top- and since the burger contained twice as much pastrami than it did beef, it was far more like a pastrami sandwich then a burger. The provolone was nicely melted and the mustard and pickle was pretty standard. At Sammy's L.A Pastrami the pastrami may be a winner, but the burgers could use some help.

The Pastrami Burger at Sammy's L.A Pastrami
Aburgeraday Rating: 5/10

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