Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Ding Dong Style Pterodactyl Burger at Pinky's Westside- Charlotte, NC

Pinky's Westside grill is a roadhouse style burger bar that has built quite the cult following recently. Located near Uptown Charlotte just off the I-77 on the west side and marked by it's VW bug painted in patriotic stars and stripes on the roof, it's nice to occasionally go somewhere to try something out of the ordinary. Pinky's does make traditional fare including sandwiches, hot dogs and your more typically topped burgers, but it's the burger topped with peanut butter and Sriracha that I was after on this visit.

Pinky's has limited parking in their lot but ample overflow parking is available across the street. Both sit down, bar and patio seating are available and Pinky's is open late to satisfy that late night burger craving.

When scanning the menu you may want to try the crisscut potatoes topped with melted pimento cheese or the deep fired pickles as an appetizer or side dish to any of Pinky's burgers.

Pinky's burger menu offers burgers in 3 sizes- The Pterodactyl- a single 5 ounce patty, the mammoth- with two 5 ounce patties, and the Triple G- with you guessed it- three 5 ounce patties. Burgers are available in 4 styles- "Everything" with mayo, onion, lettuce, tomato and pickles, "Westside" with mustard, chili, slaw and onion and "Ding Dong Style" Topped with crunchy peanut butter, honey- cilantro slaw and Sriracha sauce.

I went for the Ding Dong Style Pterodactyl burger with pepper jack cheese ($4.60). The burger came out on a nice soft bun and was cooked to medium. The burger was juicy and the hit of crunchy peanut butter was noticeable, but not overpowering. Some might think that peanut butter on a burger as an odd thing. Well, if you think about other meat and peanut combinations- like thai pork satay, the peanut/meat infusion really isn't that odd and this actually works really well together. The sriracha added some zip and a hint of sweetness and the slaw cut through everything and balanced it all out- and for $4.60 this makes for a real value when it comes to burgers. The Ding Dong style burger didn't disappoint and I'd recommend it to anyone tired of the same old burger.

Aburgeraday rating- 6/10

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